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Mako Pools & Spas

The newest, most exciting river tour! On Seadoo watercraft, your tour will take you along the beautiful and historic waterway on state of the art Bombardier Watercraft. A typical day starts with the smell of breakfast on the grill as you wake up. Your professional Navigator leads everyone after breakfast through a "Ride Smart" course that teaches guests proper techniques when riding a personal watercraft. Your tour takes you through meandering series of small rapids and islands, guided of course by your navigator. You then hit open water and head off to your first destination. Wildlife is abundant as you encounter a wide variety of vintage Canadian Shield terrains. Tour highlights include the natural waterslide, sandy beaches, day hikes, rope jumps, whirlpools, waterfalls, cliff jumps, amazing historical sites, and of course breathtaking scenery. Lunch is supplied as well as dinner. relax in the hot tub results. Join us for our 3 and 4 day excursions on the Ottawa River. Here's the trip details:

Seadoo Safari - All inclusive package with meals, gas, tents, mountain bikes, kayaks, and hot tubs. Includes 2 full days of riding (approximately 10 hours) with training by certified "Ride Smart" instructors. Camping or accommodation upgrade available.


Bonus...add $30 and receive your boating license through our exclusive 3 hour training course.


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